Professor Anne MacGregor

Specialist in headache and women’s health

Working with women who experience migraine to help them regain control of their lives and manage their symptoms

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To refer your patient, please email with a brief outline of the patient’s medical history (related to migraine).

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About Professor MacGregor

Want some reassurance that I’m the right person to help? Read about my 35 years of clinical experience working in headache and women’s health.

Headache Diary Template

A simple diary of your headaches can help make a diagnosis, identify triggers, and assess the effectiveness of treatments. Go to the Resources page where you’ll find downloadable and printable templates.

Professor Anne MacGregor

About Anne

I have over 35 years clinical experience across headache and women’s health, which means I am well equipped to help women who experience migraine and suspect hormones are playing a part in that.

Following house jobs, I had what was meant to be a short ‘break’ in my training, taking up a research post at the City of London Migraine Clinic in central London. Like most healthcare professionals, I’d had very little training in headache as a medical student, and until I started working at the clinic I didn’t even know that the occasional headaches I experienced were in fact migraine.

I realised that this was an area of medicine that had a huge impact on people’s lives but was rarely taken seriously and very under researched.

Six months turned into a year and soon plans of following a standard training pathway disappeared. I became particularly interested in how women’s hormones affected headaches and took up additional posts in menopause and contraception to complement my work in headache.

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