Appointments and Fees

If you’re a woman and migraine is new for you…

or your migraine has increased in frequency and/or intensity…

or you’ve experienced migraine for months, or even years and feel like you’ve tried everything…

I can help.

I know you’ve spent countless hours researching your condition and what might help. You’ve tried treatments, tracked suspects, and avoided triggers.

And you’ve been bombarded by well-meaning loved ones sharing whatever they’ve read in the Sunday paper.

But your migraine attacks are just as frequent, and life-impacting as ever. There is a wealth of information and advice about migraine out there. But none of that is specific to you.

When we work together, we’ll combine my 30 years of clinical experience working in neurology and women’s health, with your personal experience of migraine (because you are the expert on you).

Together we will find a way for you to regain control of your life and manage your symptoms.


First appointment £320 (45-50 minutes)

Follow-up appointments £220 (30 minutes)

Please note the following cancelation fees are applicable to face to face consultations: cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment incur a £65 cancellation fee cancellations on the day of the appointment are charged at 50% of appointment fee


Arranging an appointment


Unfortunately I currently have no capacity to take on new patients

I will update this page when further capacity becomes available

Please note that I do not keep a waiting list

Step 1:

Please ask your healthcare provider to email me at with a referral letter.

Step 2:

Approval for appointment

I’ll get back to you with a set of questions to get the information I need and establish whether this is an appropriate investment for you, or if maybe one of my colleagues would be in a better position to help. I will also let you know whether you need to come to my office or you can be seen online (the price is the same either way).

Step 3:

Book appointment

We’ll agree a day and time that works for both of us, and I’ll let you know if this will be via video (provided that you are in the UK for the video consultation) or in person at my London clinic. 

Step 4:

Gather detailed history

So that we can make the most of our consultation time, I will ask you to collect key information and answer some questions via email. For example, if we agree to a video consultation, I’ll ask if you have had your eyes tested, and blood pressure checked. All patients benefit from keeping a headache diary in advance of the consultation.

Step 5:


Your first consultation will be 45-50 minutes long.

Step 6:


I‘ll prepare a thorough report on my analysis of your medical background (as it relates to migraine) and of the options we discussed, plus any prescribed medications I suggested to you. This report will be sent to you for your initial review. Once you have approved the report, I will share it with your GP and referring healthcare provider. In most cases your GP can prescribe the medication for you (at the standard NHS prescription cost), and your GP will be able to better treat and care for you with this additional information added to your records.

Step 7:

Follow-Up Appointments

After your first appointment, you may feel confident that you can manage your migraine without the need of my further support. However, I am here to continue to offer help as you need, and may choose to book a follow-up appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you prescribe medication?


Where possible I will suggest your GP prescribes in accordance with my recommendations, as this will give you access to the NHS prescription payment rates.

I’m able to prescribe some medications that your GP may not be able to (due to NHS prescribing guidelines) – and in this case you will need to pay for these as a private prescription – the cost of which will be explained to you following your consultation.

How many consultations will I need?
As few or as many as you feel that you need!

The consultations are on a pay-as-you-go basis, and you’ll be invoiced after each appointment.

Every person is different – some people benefit from just a single appointment while others are happier with scheduling several appointments to untangle the different factors influencing their health.

Do I need to come to your offices?

If you’ve been thoroughly checked by your GP or neurologist, I may see you via video. Otherwise I’ll want to see you at my office. The cost for the consultation is the same. Let me know which option you prefer when you contact me to schedule your appointment. If you prefer a video appointment but I do not feel that this is appropriate, I will let you know.

Can I self-refer?

Managing migraine cannot be done in isolation of any other medical issues so it is important that I am aware of any relevant medical problems and that all your healthcare providers are aware my recommendations. Hence, I require a referral letter from your GP or specialist.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of our consultation/s?
No. I do not see patients under insurance cover. You will need to cover the cost of the consultations yourself.
Can you cure my migraine?
There is no cure for migraine. However, my role is to help you control migraine so that it is not controlling you. 
I’m a doctor and I’d like to refer a patient

Please email a referral letter to me at using a secure email system unless the patient has agreed otherwise, including the patient’s email address so I can connect with them directly.