Keeping a Headache Diary

Why keep a diary?

A simple diary of your headaches to look at patterns of attacks will help me make a diagnosis, identify triggers, and assess the effectiveness of treatments.

If you are not already keeping a diary, please start one as soon as possible and email back to me in advance of your appointment. It is very important to record ALL medication taken, not just medication taken for headache.

Free Diary PDF’s

Download the diary template and print your own copies at home

 Monthly Diary for Women (includes space to record periods and/or contraception)

Menstrual Diary helps to identify patterns and any relationship with hormonal events. Put an X for each day you have a migraine or headache, and an O for any bleeding or spotting.

Tracking App

N1-Headache is a tracking app you can add to your Apple or Android phone. In addition to tracking your headache and migraine, it can help to identify triggers and early warning symptoms. If you are a current or pending patient please contact me directly for a code to gain free Premium access.

Recommended Reading

Coping with Headaches and Migraine

by Alison Frith

Published by Sheldon Press (2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1847094117

This new edition of Alison’s book has been completely updated. I strongly recommend that anyone with headaches and/or migraine should read this book. Alison and I worked together at the City of London Migraine Clinic for over a decade on research projects for new drugs in development and a number of studies on menstrual migraine. Many of my patients have commented about how helpful Alison’s advice has been. She writes with great insight and the book is filled with lots of helpful and supportive information.