About Me

If you’re a woman and migraine is new for you…

or your migraine has increased in frequency and/or intensity…

or you’ve experienced migraine for months, or even years and feel like you’ve tried everything…

I can help!

I know you’ve spent countless hours researching your condition and what might help. You’ve tried treatments, tracked suspects, and avoided triggers.

And you’ve been bombarded by well-meaning loved ones sharing whatever they’ve read in the Sunday paper.

But your migraine attacks are just as frequent, and life-impacting as ever. There is a wealth of information and advice about migraine out there. But none of that is specific to you.

When we work together, we’ll combine my years of clinical experience working in neurology and women’s health, with your personal experience of migraine (because you are the expert on you).

Together we will find a way for you to regain control of your life and manage your symptoms.


  • Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MB BS) from the University of London (St Bartholomew’s Hospital)
  • Doctorate in Medicine (MD) from the University of London
  • Master of Science in Medical Education (MSc MedEd) from the Royal College of Physicians and University College London
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FFSRH) of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • British Menopause Society (BMS) and Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FFSRH) accredited specialist and trainer
  • Diploma from the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine (DIPM)


  • Published over 200 research papers and book chapters, five single author books, seven co-authored books and four co-edited books.
  • Extensive experience of trials in drug treatments for migraine and cluster headache.
  • Personal research interest in menstrual migraine.
  • Doctoral thesis explored the role of oestrogen in migraine. The results of my research led to the development of research criteria for menstrual migraine, which was adopted by the International Headache Society in 2004.

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Professional Activities in Headache

I worked at the City of London Migraine Clinic from 1988, becoming Director of Clinical Research in 1999, until my resignation in 2011. During that time I was responsible for the full research portfolio at the City of London Migraine Clinic, writing protocols and running clinical trials of in-house research, securing research funding, ethical approval and running sponsored pharmaceutical research.

I teach headache medicine to undergraduate Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

I co-convene the Chronic Pain and Epilepsy module of the MSc in Neuroscience and Translational Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London.


    • Member of the working group on migraine for the third edition of the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-III)
    • Involved with ‘Lifting the Burden’, which directs the Global Campaign against Headache in collaboration with the World Health Organization
    • Honorary Treasurer of the International Headache Society 2005-2010
    • Honorary General Secretary of the International Headache Society 1999-2005
    • Trustee of the Migraine Trust
    • Medical Advisory Board of Migraine Action Association
    • Executive committee of the Anglo-Dutch Migraine Association
    • Executive committee of the British Association for the Study of Headache, co-authoring the first three editions of the BASH Headache Management Guidelines

    Professional Activities in Women’s Health

    I have worked at the Menopause Clinic at St Bartholomew’s Hospital since 2019, having previously worked there from 1993 to 2005.

    Additional current experience includes:

    • British Menopause Society (BMS) Menopause Specialist
    • BMS trainer for the Principles and Practice of Menopause Care

    Past activities include:

    • Member of the BMS Medical Advisory Council 2017-2023
    • Member of the BMS Curriculum Development Group
    • Medical Advisor at the Margaret Pyke Memorial Trust from 1999 to 2004
    • Vice Chair of the FSRH Membership Examination
    • Convener of the FSRH Membership Examination Critical Reading paper
    • FSRH Faculty Instructing Doctor (LoC MEd) in all aspects of contraception and menopause, including provision of intrauterine (LoC IUT) and subdermal contraception (LoC SDI)
    • Supported the provision of level 1,2 and 3 contraception services at Barts Health NHS Trust and developed a popular training programme for DFSRH, LoC IUT, LoC SDI and past LoC MEd trainees
    • FSRH Regional Training Advisor for NE Thames
    • Former FSRH General Training Programme Director (GenTPD) for Barts Health NHS Trust
    • Chair of the FSRH General Training Committee



    Women’s Health Science Award

    Awarded by the American Headache Society to an investigator whose body of work has  made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of topics related to women’s  health and headache medicine


    British Medical Association Book Awards: Highly Commended

    Awarded for the book Contraception: Your Questions Answered co-authored, with Professor John Guillebaud


    Special Recognition Award and Honorary Life Membership

    Awarded by the International Headache Society


    Elizabeth Garret Anderson Award  

    Awarded by the World Headache Alliance to a woman whose work over time has made an extraordinary contribution to relieving those affected by the burden of headache

    Professional Memberships:

    • Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)
    • Member of the Institute of Clinical Research (MICR)
    • Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) of the RCOG 
    • British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH)
    • British Menopause Society (BMS)
    • European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC)
    • Institute of Clinical Research (ICR)
    • Institute of Psychosexual Medicine (IPM)
    • International Menopause Society (IMS)
    • International Headache Society (IHS)

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