by | Nov 1, 2020

N1-Headache is a powerful app that tracks your headaches and migraine, and helps you to identify relevant triggers and protectors by virtue of personalized analysis of data. When it comes to managing headaches and migraine, there is no such thing as the ‘average’ person!

After 90 days of recording data, users receive 3 sets of maps based on an analysis of their individual data: Protector, Trigger and No Association Maps™, and a Personal Analytical Report they can share with their healthcare provider.

Despite it only taking a few minutes to input data each day it was frustrating to have to respond to questions that were irrelevant to you. In response to this feedback, Premium users can now deactivate factors on the diary that you they not want to track.

An important new feature alerts you to the risk of medication overuse. Medication overuse, when triptans are used on more than 9 days a month or painkillers are taken more days than not, paradoxically increase headache and migraine rather than relieving it. It is the commonest cause of ‘daily’ migraine symptoms and can be difficult to treat effectively. N1-Headache incorporates a sophisticated medication database to track and analyse your medication use and can now alert you and your clinician if you are at risk of medication overuse.

N1-Headache is available for ios and Android in the App Store. For further information about N1-Headache and the latest research click on the following link: https://n1-headache.com